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Everything on this page are simply things that I generally enjoy. Different people have different dynamics together. Although I'm not opposed to scripted sessions if they're discussed, I like to let a session run a spontaneous course. I like to take the session where the mood strikes instead of deciding 'A' will be first, then 'B' and of course move on to 'C.'  I do switch, so you have information on me both as a dom and a sub below.



As a dom I like to explore many different aspects of bdsm.  I like to spank, using many different implements. The flogger is my favorite. Pain sluts are a true joy and I like to explore limits to do with corporal punishments and cbt. Although I can easily have fun being very sensual and simply teasing the shit out of you, my true favorite sessions involve either a flogger in my hand or my foot in yours! Foot fetishists beware, my darlings need tons of attention! I'm an ex-ballet dancer with love starved feet. Their polished toes need someone to adore them.

As a sub my all time favorite is getting spanked, as long as there's a good warm-up. I like hand spanking along with some implements. I'm ok with paddles although I adore floggers. I'm wonderful with roleplays, especially the naughty schoolgirl type. I enjoy being submissive to the point that I have all of my own equiptment. Because I enjoy bondage I have four cuffs that have been made for me, along with tons of rope. I LOVE getting flogged!! I have rubber, suede, kidskin, and rabbit fur floggers. Needless to say, I only like being flogged by people who know how to. I have no qualms about teaching you how to. As we build a relationship and a trust develops I like taking my submissive to levels further than simply spanking, bondage and role play.

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