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Tickling Story!

Here is a story starring moi written by a very dear man!!

It is the same story posted on max fisch and the tickling forum.

It is Thursday, November 18, 2004, the day of my first
tickling session with the Hidden Chamber's Mistress Mira
(pronounced Meer-ah, not My-rah).

Between Mira's web site photos, her excellent reputation
and our pre-session e-mail exchange, I try not to let my
eager anticipation show as the mistress enters the Red Room.

In the flesh, and in a flash, Mistress Mira starts meeting or
exceeding my expectations. She brings an energy centered
by a smile that lights up the room. Before she even speaks,
her warm personality makes me feel as if we are already
friends. It takes a moment before I even realize how
attractive Mira is in person.

Before starting the role-play, we chat for a moment. I almost
wish we could have met on public transportation on the way to
the session, as Mistress Mira proves an engrossing
conversationalist. I think to myself, I would talk to Mira for
the whole hour if I weren't so keen to tickle her!

And begin the role-play does. Mistress Mira plays a Realtor
who is showing her client - me - a furnished apartment at
the Red Room Towers.

Dressed in business attire including a short, tight skirt,
Mistress Mira demonstrates a head for business and a body
for sin as she describes the apartment features to me.
Knowing I am dying to get my tickling fingers on her, Mira
lets the suspense build. As I am about to learn, the wait
makes the tickling that much more worthwhile.

Showing me the apartment "bedroom" Mistress Mira
describes the bondage furniture. I tell her she really
knows her clients if she knew I'd like this!

I pick up the vibe that this attractive young Realtor will do what it
takes to close the sale. I ask, "Mira, before I sign off on this, how
could I find out how well this equipment works?
Can you help me test it out?"

Mistress Mira looks at me with slight hesitation. A super saleswoman she may be, but is my request ethical? Her sharp mind quickly weighs and the pros and cons.

"Jim, you're my client," Mistress Mira tells me, "And if I want you to take this place, you have to know you like the furnishings, don't you?"

What a ladylike way to say yes!

Noting Mistress Mira's nice clothing, I express concern that her outfit will wrinkle as we try out the bondage equipment. She can't show up to her next appointment in disheveled clothes, can she?!

Problem-solving proves to be the middle name of this saleswoman as she realizes she'll just have to take those clothes off, lest she let them risk creasing. With her back to me, Mistress Mira stands at the Red Room door and slowly undresses. After removing her jacket she slips out of her skirt. The wise individual who had recommended I do a tickling session with Mistress Mira told me Mira has "a gorgeous bum" and Mira's thong puts me in agreement.

As Mistress Mira removes her shirt, she looks over her
shoulder to tell me, "Oh, I forgot to wear a bra." Turning
towards me, I take in her 34-B bosoms, as delightful a pair
as her bare buttocks. Standing before me in her thong and
high heels, Mistress Mira's 5'6" 120 lbs. body looks more
athletic in person than on her web site but no less exciting.

Admitting that it is unfair of me to remain dressed in light of
Mistress Mira's wardrobe change, I strip down to a thong.
Thankfully, mistresses don't write reviews of how their clients
look undressed!

I ask Mistress Mira to remove her shoes, as we don't want to
track anything on the bondage bed. Leaning against the bed,
she lifts one foot at a time, allowing me the help her out of that
footwear. And, oh, clumsy me, I tickle each foot while removing
the shoes! With each tickle of her foot, Mira pulls away. Her
reaction is the jumpy kind, the hallmark of those who rate a 9 or
10 on the ticklish scale. Then Mira admits tickling her would be
a good test of the bondage furnishing restraints. (In case anyone
still cares about the role-play premise!)

I ask, "How ticklish are you?" Leading Mistress Mira onto
the bondage bed, I tickle her about the stomach, feet, knees
and armpits. Jerking and moving away with each tickle, I
realize bondage isn't an option for tickling Mira, but a necessity!

The stocks at the foot of the bondage bed look like a good
place to start. What more could a male tickler want than to
have a beautiful woman who is crazy-ticklish, locked by the
wrists and neck, her shapely figure adorning but a thong?
The only other thing I could want is to strap her ankles
together for limited mobility.

Standing in back of Mistress Mira's ticklish, immobile body,
my only problem is not having enough hands to tickle her
behind, armpits, ribs and legs all at once. But maybe that
would be too much of a good thing, if it is possible to tickle a
restrained, nearly-nude knockout too much. Mira moves
where the stocks and ankle cuffs allow, which ain't far, laughing
and yelping as my devilish fingers tickle-torture her. I could eat
lunch off Mira's delightful rear end but I am content to tickle it.
That is, when I am not running my hands on the ticklish flesh
of the other spots I mentioned!

Mindful of the "hunchback" position in which the red room stocks
put you, after a few minutes I release Mistress Mira. But rather
than unhook her ankle cuffs, I pick her up and carry her "over the
threshold" style and seat her on the bondage bed. As Mira's
backside proved a tickler's delight, the bottoms of her feet have
got to be good.

I cuff Mistress Mira's wrists behind her back and fasten her ankle
cuffs to the bondage bed frame. Those helpless, ticklish, bare
soles beckon my fingertips! I could rate Mira's feet a 20
on the ticklishness scale, 10 for each foot! "Yellow- mercy"
she says, her "slow down" plea immediately changing to "red-stop" I move the tickles to her legs, then back to those defenseless feet. More "Yellow-mercy" pleas follow.

Maybe she ate salty food for lunch or maybe it's the laughter and
screams my tickling induces, but Mistress Mira asks for a drink of water. As I oblige, getting her bottled water from her bag, that serves as a short break. The beverage quenches Mira's thirst, but as I resume tickling her feet, I wonder how long I could watch her laugh and struggle before it would satiate my craving to tickle.

"Mira, Mira on the wall, who has the most ticklish armpits of all?"
I ask Mistress Mira just that as I cuff her by wrists and ankles to
the wall-mounted X. Once again, Mistress Mira rates a 20 on the
ticklish scale, 10 for each underarm, as my tickling fingers take
her to the limit. Between more cries of "Yellow-mercy" and drinks
of water, I tickle Mira's armpits with glee. Of course, being a nice
guy at heart, I also tickle her arms, neck, chest, ribs, stomach and legs, not wanting her to think I just like her underarms.

At age 44, I have been an avid tickler of girls more than 30 years.
I can only think of one woman more ticklish than Mistress Mira.
This mistress is that ticklish!

Now I must choose between wanting to restrain Mistress Mira in
other sexy, vulnerable positions or simply keep her on the X for
the rest of the session. X should have marked the spot, but I
wonder if it will make her arms sore and release her.

I probably should confine Mistress Mira in one last pose. I have
her lay face down on the bondage bed, limbs cuffed to the frame.
I get back into ticking that fine behind. But after a short while, I flip
Mira over so I can elevate her feet for one more chance to tickle
those sweet soles.

I am about to see my over-emphasis on different positions when I
lower Mistress Mira's feet and blindfold her. I am just getting into
"Where is he going to tickle me now?" when the knock at the door
signals the session is nearly over.

While I wish I had budgeted more time for the blindfold tickling, I
have no regrets and plenty of praise for the ticklish good time Mistress Mira has just given me.

And what a super wriggler Mistress Mira turned out to be! It's always such a blast to tickle a fighter like her! To have a stunning, helpless woman at my mercy thrashing about as I tickle her is the answer to the question, "Why do you like to tickle?"

But Mistress Mira has an encore in mind.

"Now it's time for my revenge," she says with an intriguing smile.

Mistress Mira has me rest on my back. Climbing atop, she looks me in the eye as she skillfully tickles my feet. Somehow, I don't pull away, despite the fact that this really tickles! Moving up my body, Mira's eyes lock with mine as she hits pay dirt again on my ribs.

For everything there is to like about Mistress Mira and this session, I savor her smile in this final moment more than anything else.

I'll take the apartment. And I'll especially take Mistress Mira!

Mistress Mira and I talk some more until another knock on
the door tells us it's time to get out of the red room. I tip her as much as I can afford. Between the fee and the tip, it is not nearly enough, in my opinion. Maybe someday I will be able to tip a first-
rate mistress what she's worth.

Some say owning a home is the best investment you can make.
But as Mistress Mira, "Realtor" just showed me, a tickling session with her pays off pretty well, too.

Jim the tickler

Hope you all enjoyed!!!